Artistic Ceramics Workshop

The Hotel Pasitea and Artistic Ceramics Workshop Speech, offer the possibility to the tourist, visiting Positano, to experience culture and tradition of the place, through courses in ceramics, which will enable those who follow them, to create their own memory to carry with them.

The pottery workshops are held, usually in three days, three hours a day. The duration may, however, vary according to the possibilities and needs of the customer.

The cost is € 30.00 per hour.

The course is via a first approach to clay, during which the trainee will shape an object of his choice. The clay objects are then decorated according to the method of "engobe".

The first day, the customer is given the opportunity to choose an object ceramic raw (including plates, tiles, pitchers, mugs, etc..) To be glazed and decorated, in the following days, the traditional technique of ceramic.

The objects created during the course of pottery belonging to the participant, once fired, the work can be picked up or shipped by the customer (at their own expense).

The courses can be made of pottery from 10:00 to 13:00.