Cooking Class

Our cooking class is held at the restaurant "Il Ritrovo" in Montepertuso, a beautiful village is completely surrounded by green hills, which majestically overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

Salvatore Barba will take you to discover the fabulous flavors of Italian cuisine, creating countless special recipes, all made ​​from natural ingredients, typical of the area. Here, where the sun shines all year, we will teach you the secrets of natural and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

This course is different because it will be designed to convey the love and passion for Italian food.
A typical Italian dinner ranging from 3 to 5 courses:
Appetizers, first courses (pasta, risotto or soup), Seconds (fish or meat), Vegetables (vegetable), Cheese, Fruit and Dessert.

Here, you'll also learn to combine the different wines with Mediterranean flavors, and also learn how to lay a table and create the right atmosphere for a special event.

At the end of the lesson you can taste all the dishes prepared during class, sitting on the stunning terrace, sipping our local wines and singing with us, "O Sole Mio".
Moreover, if you wish, you can make beautiful excursions on our green hills.